Since its 1992, at the foot of the Phrygian Valley, on the underground riches, adorned with thermal water from the source, offering health and tranquility Orucoglu Thermal Resort, guests serving with the concept of survival of the spa experience at the highest level.

Five-star hotel combines comfort with the spa culture and hospitality we offer to all our services.


As Oruçoğlu Thermal Resort Family;

We aim guest satisfaction with the awareness of responsibility that we have been continuing since years of experience and being the pioneer in the sector. We plan to continue the activity in this direction by adopting total quality understanding together with all our employees and managers on the way to this goal.


We know our guests’ thoughts is an opportunity to improve ourselves, and we aim to bring guest satisfaction to the highest level by raising our guests’ expectations and expectations in total quality understanding with our managers and by making our personnel aware of this.


As Oruçoğlu Thermal Resort our main target; is to provide a high quality service by keeping the satisfaction of our guests and employees at the highest level. Within this principle;

- We aim to accumulate long term friendships and make our investment to our guests. We listen to all requests and suggestions of our guests, resolve their complaints and make feedback to our guests.

- We recognize the expectation of our guests with our Quality Management System, which we apply effectively, and shape the service we provide in this direction.

- In order to provide better service to our guests, we make the quality measurable, we set the goals related to the services and results we provide to ensure the continuous improvement of the system and we create harmonious coexistence with the employees and management.

- We are expanding our competencies by giving regular training to our employees in order to increase the understanding of Total Quality and to improve ourselves continuously.

- We ensure that our quality system is adopted by all of our employees, and we incorporate our employees into the system and work with the consciousness of being a good team.

- In order to provide a more livable and sustainable environment, we are creating solutions that we can use our natural resources more efficiently and working to prevent and reduce environmental pollution by minimizing the risks.

- To protect the environment by reducing our energy consumption; designs to improve our energy performance, and technologies and services to reduce our energy consumption.

- We do not neglect to comply with legal conditions and regulations when doing all these studies.

When we reach our goals, we get the support we need from our employees and managers who love to develop themselves and work, who embrace corporate values and are open to learning. We, the Oruçoğlu Thermal Resort family, are committed to carrying out appropriate activities in accordance with the policies detailed above.