Physical Medicine / Rehabilitation «Orucoglu Thermal Resort - Spa - Spas - Special Oruçoğlu Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation Medicine Center, The Retirement Fund, SSK and Bag-Kur members offers retirees and employees without referral, physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities. Within our agreement with the Social Security Administration, you can benefit from our physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

  • Hotpack

    The reduction of local pain extrudate is effective in improving joint mobility and solving muscle spasm. After chronic pain and trauma, limited studies with fracture sequelae, sciatica, neuralgia and is used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases.
  • Short-wave diathermy

    Is the deep heating in physical therapy; especially in the heating of deep joints (hip, knee, shoulder) is used as a therapeutic method.
  • Traction

    A drawing method. Especially in the neck and low back pain, muscle spasms in solving applied.
  • Ultrasound

    Wound healing in tissue separation from each other stuck to accelerate tissue in fibromyalgia, lumbar strain, cervical and lumbar hernia in osteoarthritis (arthritis in) is an effective treatment method.
  • Interferantiel

    Mid-frequency current one. It is a treatment for general pain.
  • Parafin Bath

    Usually the pain of the hands and feet, joint pain, so the disorder, post-traumatic surface temperature is a treatment for pain occurring in the joints.
  • Tens

    It is useful in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Especially fibromyalgic pain neck, arms, waist, the leg pain, for the treatment of pain caused by the surgery.
  • Infrared

    Sensory nerves sedative effect on the Infrared application, relaxes the muscles by increasing blood circulation and reduces pain. To rid the body of harmful substances is achieved by sweating.